The Flight Tracker Pro App Reviews

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Cant ask for much more!

Must have app.... A great travel companion.

Worth it

It does what it promises and does it well. The design is very beautiful.

Frequent flyer

I tried all the free flight tracker apps and wanted to be notified instantly if there was a delayed flight. I also want to know when flight land so I can plan when to pick up my guests at the airport. Flight+ free provided all the info I needed with a beautiful UI... I upgraded to get rid of the ads. Job well done, keep up the great work!


Entered my return flights but there doesnt seem to be a way to SAVE them. The in-app instructions say to click SEARCH to save. However, after doing that, when I click the Flights tab - there are no flights listed in All My Flights, or Scheduled Flights. So I click the + button to add my flights (again!), but theyre already listed there. Back to the Flights tab - no flights listed. I GIVE UP! Going back to WorldMate Gold. This app apparently cant be trusted to work!


This app is simply fantastic. Great design, gorgeous interface and clever data handling. Recommended.


I just got back from a trip and I was looking forward to using Flight+. It stored all the information I needed and seemed to give very good updates. However, the information was often wrong. My flight times for two flights were off by about 1 or 2 hours (the app showed later than they actually were). Secondly, another flight showed as being two hours delayed, but it left on time. Overall, I would say its good for storing information about your flights, but if you need up-to-date and accurate information on arrivals and departures, dont trust the data in the app--look at the airports website or the arrivals/departures boards at the airport. Most important--if the app says your flight will be delayed, dont trust it--get some other information because otherwise you may be sitting in the airport after your flight has left.

Not reliable at all.

Our flight was delayed for more than one hour at Kuala Lumpur. Flight+ shows it is on time and didi not changed that flight status That trip was months ago!


Using it today..... Updating as needed, perfect.

Awesome interface & features

Other flight apps look amateurish in comparison. Works well. Tripit integration is a huge bonus.

Like it!

Excellent app & very useful anywhere in the world!

Good to go!

App has everything I need in one place Tripit is an added bonus! Best of all I did not need an owners manual to get started

Nice app

Very useful app. Great graphics, easy to use, attractive.


Worth every cent! Sends push notices for flight changes. A one stop source for all flight information. Able to view the whole route on a map. I highly recommend this app.

Nice Flight Tracker

Must have app if you are travelling.

Works beautifully!

Much better than some of the other flight trackers Ive used. Highly recommended!

My travel

It was very helpful

Great app!

Love this app. Tracks flights in real time and provides all associated flight numbers when multiple airlines are using the same flight.


This app simply works. From the great information about airports (including their flight board) to information about world airlines and maps of their destinations. A must have!

Lost all my flight data on several occasions

I use both this app and a competitor (Flight Track Pro). While I prefer this app for many reasons: more aesthetically pleasing UI, ability to organize groups of flights into one "trip", slighter quicker data entry, code share flights indicated as such, ability to save favourite airports/airlines, auto creation of iCal entries corresponding to flight, and much cheaper than its competitor (at least at the time of my purchase), I cannot recommend it because on several occasions now, it has lost all my laboriously entered flight/trip data, along with favourites. I have entered many flights up to 12 months in advance, only to review them a few months later and find that all data is missing from the app (all flights, trips, and favourites). (As if I had deleted and re-installed the app, which I had NOT). I would re-enter all my data only to discover that the data loss has repeated itself a few months later. Flight Track Pro has so far not lost any of my data in the same time frame. If this problem is fixed, I would give the app 4 or 5 stars, but for now it gets 1.

Great App

Would love to see multiple alarms.

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