The Flight Tracker Pro App Reviews

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Loading issue

Please fix the "no data connection" issue. The previous updates were good but with ios8, Ive had nothing but issues with this app

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Use app every week to keep track of my mothers business travels. Havent had any real issues.

Does not work.

It is not functioning correctly. Does not send push notifications anymore. I tried to email flight plus and email came back. I want one I paid for. You want us to say good things about app, first it needs to work like you promised it would.

Waste of money

I paid for this app thinking it may be better than "Flight Track" (in part because it includes international coverage). I was wrong because its difficult to navigate through the pages and crashes constantly requiring me to reboot my iPhone 6 to move on. Perhaps it needs an update but that wont help the unfriendly user aspect of this app.

Could be great, BUT...

Looks great, has great content and features, and is quite intuitive. BUT, push notifications dont work (the app doesnt even show up in notification settings). Thats kind of a big deal.

Flyer in Charge

Useful, and improved over earlier versions. However, isnt adapted to iPhone 6 screen being turned sideways to write this review. Airport maps are tiny and not full-screen. Love the airmail postal-themed graphics. Bit more work to do to get to five stars.


I just paid for the upgrade and now nothing works. The App wont open. It just hangs. When will you fix it?

OK but Push a Doesnt Work

I really want to like this app, but push notifications do not work which is s key requirement for me.

This app use to be good

1. No update for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus optimization. 2. App constantly crashes now. 3. The top bar with the time is missing after iOS 8 update. 4. Constantly getting no data connection error. When this app gets updated to work again, I will more than happy to leave a good review. Until then, do not waste your money to buy this as it will most likely not work if you are running iOS 8.

Used to be the best... not anymore.

This used to be the best flight tracker on the App Store, but the developers appear to have mostly forgotten about this app. Updates come very infrequently, and the larger iPhones arent even properly supported (eg the app still uses the blown up "old" keyboard). Some features of the app dont even work anymore, giving a data connection error. The app also has graphical glitches on the iPhone 6 Plus where the screen starts to move downward, and some graphics overlap others, requiring a force-quit and restart. The core functionality (and TripIt import) are still there, but the app needs some serious updates to stay competitive now. Its a shame, because this app used to be ahead of the other flight trackers.


Is not good and customer service does not respond. Worked for the first two flights and then stopped giving me gate info. Payed for the full version thinking that was the problem and still dont work. Four $ to waste. Do not buy

Alerts broken

Alerts hasnt worked in months


Abandoned. Dont waste your money.

Great update

Finally 6 plus support

Love it, but

Dropping a star because updates and fixes have been slower than before.

Impressive and finally updated for iPhone 6!

Ive been a loyal flight track pro guy, but this has a much nicer interface, look and feel. I like the airport delay graphic for each airport ; the flight board seems much better implemented.

Updated again after years

Optimized for iPhone 6 and plus, performance improvements needed.

Thank You!

Loved this app for years, and you finally updated it for the iPhone 6. Thank you. Love the app, amazing as always.

Awesome for frequent travelers

Have used this extensively during my travels across Europe and Asia to get flight status. The flight board feature is simply invaluable. The airport information, time zones, weather etc lets me plan ahead. Please continue updating this marvelous app.

Best app! But need to fix issues

This app is by far the best tracking app ever! But has a lot of issues that need to be fixed: Saving to calendar always crashes the app And other small bugs Would love there to be frequent updates with bug fixes and that they will be in contact with the developer

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