The Flight Tracker Pro App Reviews

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App not working. Customer Support didnt respond

I read the great reviews. Thankfully I also had Gate Guru. It worked for flight out albeit info from Gate Guru was more accurate. When I tried multiple times to input return flight it keeps saying no data connection when I hit search. It also didnt save my last flight. Reported it to customer svcs. Still havent heard back. Would delete & try again but I already paid for this. Would not recommend this app.


Shows a flight Im tracking as en route halfway to destination. In reality, the plane hasnt pushed back from the gate yet. Old flights are never deleted despite setting them to delete 1hr after landing.

This app is amazing

This app is amazing you get updates to delays and get changes before the flight staff even announces it. I was notified that my gate had changed before they announced it over the intercom. My only recommendation is that they update the user interface its a bit dated and glitchy with the iPhone 6 plus screen size.

Not accurate for me

Lately this app has been a real stinker. I had a slew of Southwest flights recently and it would NEVER show gate or updated flight info.

App not working

I have the same problem as reviewer number four No data connection and the screen freezes

Cant Find Flights

This used to be my favorite flight tracking app. Lately (the past few weeks) when Ive attempted to add flights, the app is unable to find them. For example 16 Mar 2015, United flight 1115, from ORD to BWI.

Flight hasnt left, but shows as landed, dont buy, inaccurate

My flight from Dulles to Austin is delayed 5+ hours and has not boarded yet. Flight+ shows the flight landed a couple of hours ago. FlightTrack and FlightBoard both accurately show the flight as delayed and have been accurately slipping the departure time with United. Do not waste your $3.99 on this app.

Great app!!!!!

I love it, excellent for travelers, the best of the best!!!! It is my favorite flight tracker App.

Not accurate any more

Im do disappointed! The flight+ is not accurate any more (was!). Because of that, I tried upgrade and had to buy the full version. Was I discovered that already had the full version!!!!!! They sold me "again"!!! Now I have "two" apps in my iPhone, that give me the very same information, what is not accurate, because never tells me when is delay or early the rake of it land!!!! I know that because my husband is a pilot, I need know wen he take of and land.. And now I never am there at the time to get him!!! It is so dissatisfied!! Im so disappointed! And I paid twice!, Other apps when I buy, never will let me buy the same app twice!!!!!!! Also, usually apps get better, no worth!!! I dont recommend any more, and wish my money back, to buy better app, from trustful companies..




I used this app for a long time until I see now it is inaccurate. This app is telling me a flight will land in 7 minutes, when another app and the airlines website clearly shows a delay, and the plane just left. I will be deleting this. Whats the point of tracking a flight if the app doesnt show accurate information?

Apple watch

Please add support for apple watch

Easy to use

Very useful app!


This app would be great… if it actually provided the information it says it does. The terminal and gate number always just show a question mark… even after you’re already on the plane. Also, you can turn on push notifications, but you can’t specify what information you want to be notified of, or how far in advance you want it; so, 2 days before leaving, you’ll have about 18 notifications updating you on the status of when the plane you’ll be flying on has taken off and landed (after the fact, of course, and not where in the airport), even if you don’t want notifications that far in advance. Of course, when it comes time to actually provide that information when you’re on your way to the airport, the information it actually provides is not very helpful at all - no terminal, no gate number, no weather information, nothing about expected delays, and certainly never any updates if the terminal or gate change… until after the flight has already left.


Excellent app. Allows us to wait in the cell phone lot and know when the flight has arrived, so that we can pick up our passengers at the curb.

Best Looking Flight App

I really like that the app show the airport name and not just the 3 letter code. Time for an update though to support the watch

Maybe if it were free

But to have paid any money for this app and the first flight I track it says its landed...and its still clearly in the air for another 30 minutes. Do not buy.

Current version needs revisions

Current version needs revisions - Urgently: It was an awesome and reliable app. But, something happens to it that now has led this app totally unusable. Even the display cannot be read/used in the iPhone 5s. It just got stuck in the upper middle half and cannot be restored to its correct position. So sorry!

Really like it

Im using it for the first time, and were having bad weather delays right now at DAL. Im constantly getting fast as the rumors are spreading around the terminal. So, Im impressed so far.

Great app

I really like the app because it works across all devices and also works with my calendar.

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