The Flight Tracker Pro App Reviews

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Just downloaded the app because my "go to" is not supported anymore. All I can say is wow! This app has it all! Definitely worth the $$$.

Works well

Gives me the info I want and is easy to read. Easy to use and organize trips.

Fine until recent update 8/2016

Checked if changes in flight times and flight numbers were reflected in Flight+. Several days later, the app doesnt even have an updated flight list from Delta. My current flight, according to Flight+, doesnt exist. Other flight trackers gave already been updated. Sad, this was once a good app.

Perfect for airline emoloyees

Clearly this app is developed by a REAL aviation enthusiast(s). The details stand out to those of us who truly have a passion for flying. I tried all other apps, and this one has all the right info, but with a layout that makes tracking multiple flights on different dates perfect for airline emoloyees or just anyone flying. I really hope there devs dont change the very much if any. It does what its supposed to perfect already. Thx!


Very useful app to manage your flights.

Hasnt had major updates since iPhone 5

Please add new features, I am willing to pay for it again.

Great Info

This App is very easy to use to keep track of my flights and those of people that I pickup at the airport.

All the info I need

Really great app....Has all the info I need from flight info to airport maps and weather. Will use Monday on my trip. Lets see how accurate the info is.

As Described. Gets better as you get better.

Gets better as you get better. Familiarize yourself with the App and it continues to get even more helpful when jumping between flights as an airline employee commuter.

Must have!!!

Great app for anyone traveling or coordinating a pickup/drop-off. Frequent flight updates and great in app features


This app is good but needs more attention from the developer. Please dont give up this app. Thank you.


I travel a lot for work and I find this app invaluable. Its saved me from missing flights many times. Love it.

Latest version keeps crashing!

Previous versions used to work quite well. Overall a good app. Fix it!

Like it

Hmmm -- dont know why others dont like it; its my go-to app for tracking flights. Works great for me.

Love this app

Super valuable info, use this all the time. Being able to see the type of plane for each flight has saved me many times when traveling with fragile luggage, as I can tell in advance if our carry on bags will get put into the cargo hold because of a smaller plane.

Apple Watch

It would be great to update the app with an Apple Watch version!!!


Bug on iPhone 4!!!!! I want to be refund!


Needs update, its crashing

super helpful but need an UPDATE

It needs an update! Previous review: its always hard dropping or picking up loved ones from airports && this app makes life a little easier and gives peace of mind because it gives a lot of up to date info and its so easy to find the airplane you want to track. i love it!

Not real time

This thing doesnt track real time. It tells me the flight is diverted when it is 100 miles from the airport.

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