The Flight Tracker Pro Recenzje App


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Taka "o"

Jak to mawia klasyk "dupy nie urywa". Ladnie wykonana, stabilna, ale jakos mnie nie przekonuje. Takie trzy gwiadki ode mnie.


Fajna, estetyczna i dziala jak trzeba. Polecam!!!

Not good

Wish I could get my $5.99 back.... worst app ever

Used to good, now I can’t trust it

I have used this app for years and it used to be great. Since a year back it’s terrible. The app is unable to track 20-30% of my flights because of technical difficulties. Unacceptable.

No longer keeping flights up to date

So worthless, really. It’s a shame, it was useful.

One of the good flight trackers

I need one app for general flight tracking, and I select this one. It is enough for me now to track my and friend's flights. And there is a sweet function to connect Tripit in which my itinaries can be easily connected.

Save Your Money!!!

Useless!!! It Couldn’t locate a flight if it landed on it’s head!!! I contacted the help desk weeks ago! Still haven’t heard back. Guess they must have boarded the wrong flight!!


Does not auto add to calendar as it is supposed to. Also does not auto delete old flights. Those functions have never worked for me over the years. Recent app updates were cosmetics, did not change or enhance on functionality.


Hard to use

Best flight tracking app.

Great features.

Why does it not up date

Why do I need to pay twice Had pro then it did not update and then When tried to up date they wanted me to pay I did but looking at another app as this is not right.

Fix TripIt Integration Please

Agree with other reviewers, really good app for tracking/checking flights. However, at this time, TripIt integration does not work. Hangs, then gives an error. After the error, can’t get back into the application unless fully closing and re-opening.

TripIt integration failed

Good tracking app, however, entered my tripit credentials several times. Hangs, errors, crash. Will give 5 stars when this works.

Went down hill fast.

Not sure I get what's happening here. Every update seems to break functionality, not improve it. Adding flights to calendar no longer works. The codeshare display is enough to make your head spin. Need a way to disable it. Please fix.

Unreliable to the max / no support

Waste of money. If it works, it works fine - but for many many many flights it simply doesn’t seem to get any data and you don’t receive any updates. What’s worse: if you also want to use it to keep track of all the flights you have done (it has a nice „map“ feature), those flights for which they don’t have data remain in your current flights or future flights list. So after a while these lists are swamped with old and inaccurate flights and the only way to get rid of them is to delete the entire entry. Which is obviously bad for keeping track of all your flights. Contacted support MANY times with request for help, didn’t even get as much as a reply. Also regularly crashes when you have many trips setup. Just freezes when trying to access them. Long story short: don’t get this app, totally unreliable and no support when you need it.


How come it doesn’t do when I shake the app it will give u radom flights!

Terrible app

Doesn't give real-time updates

ne d inbound inflight info

need inbound flight info

Code share confusion

Need an option to hide all the code share partner flights. Just tell me who really operates the flight.

The best flight info app

Good service, prompt updates and precise information. Thanks you!

Tough UX and UI

While the contents of the app are nice, the UX/UI is pretty complicated. Example: Try looking up departures from a specific airport. Then view the details of an individual flight. Now you want to return to the airports departure and info page, but you find the Airports tab has been reset! This is just one example of where the UX causes more interaction with the app then is really necessary.

Amazing interface

Best flight tracking app out there

Intuitive & Efficient!

I use this app weekly on my commute to/from work as an airline pilot, and I wouldn’t leave home without it. The ability to create customized itineraries, navigate unfamiliar airports, and be apprised of evolving travel scenarios allows for a smarter and less stressful commute.

Richard Winter

Wonderful “App”, since my wife and I travel so much. Thanks.


Not working


Once the greatest “Flight Tracker” ever! Now, the most unintuitive app on the web.

Works fine, if you can figure it out

The app seems to work fine and I can usually get it to give me the information I need, but the interface is confusing as heck, especially on the iPhone. I bet if I used it every day I’d get the hang of it but I only fly every couple of months so it’s like I have to relearn it every time. Wish it was more intuitive.

Don’t spend the money

While this is app isn’t awful, there is no reason to spend the money. Use flight aware, it’s free, and the airlines will text as well. I have tracked multiple flights, both on the app as well as using airline notifications. Every time the airline updates are accurate. The app is lacking severely. I read a review were the developer responded to a negative review by saying something along the lines of not being able to keep up with the shear volume of information. If that is the case they do not need to be charging for a app that provides the wrong information. Especially when you can get the right info for free. Wasted money...lesson learned.

Convenient App

It’s nice to be able to follow flights family members.

Wish I could give this 10 stars!

Best flight tracker app period. Ease of use is amazing and the updates they made make it even better. Well worth the price for the ad free version.

Nick don

Very good app

Needs more options!

As a person that travels twice a week on short notice there are several things that could make this app much better. For instance, let me turn off the rotating code share Airlines. Air Tahiti Nui does not fly between LAX and PHX. Also, let users decide if the only want to see non-stops or not. Most people don’t want to make 5 stops on Southwest to go between DEN and PHX but the app will show that as a flight number stopping 4 or 5 times. Other than that the app seems to be very accurate and stable. It could just use a few options and cleaner font.

Bad experience

Got this to track daughter’s flight from Dublin to US. App couldn’t even locate the flight and I wasted money on it. Back to FlightAware for me!


Excelente e muito preciso

New Version Giant Step Backwards

The new version OFTEN fails to find flights at all - even if you give it the route, the airline code, and the flight code. I used to love this app. Now I use Tripit because of the failures in the new version of The Flight Tracker Pro.

Good app

Descent app, but I hate the rolling flight numbers for the partner airlines. That should be an option u turn on/off.

Think I got scammed!

I paid for this version, and it seems the free version does the same thing. RESEARCH!

Yeah still NO notifications

Had my itinerary in the app for 2 months. Trip started today to Aspen. Not one notification. Nothing. Looking for a reliable app that works for return trip. Abject app failure.

Flight alerts not working

I have an iPhone 6. I just tracked my wife’s flights from BNE-SYD, SYD-LAX, LAX-SLC. TripIt sync works, the map tracking works, but I did not receive a single alert about departures, arrivals, etc. I have all notifications enabled in the app. This is extremely disappointing given that the update a month ago was supposed to fix flight alerts.

Great app, but sometimes too many flight updates

Great and useful app for tracking flights. This gives updates when the flight arrival time changes. This is great for flight delays, but becomes annoying when the flight arrival changes by as little as one minute. On some flights, I have gotten several notices for minor changes where the sum total is less than 10 minutes.

Chętnie lecę razem z Żoną

Widzę bezpieczeństwo!

Good service.

Not as good as before. But good

Keeps me up to date

Love this app I never forget to pick up my wife from the airport She travels 5 to 8 times a month and not on a fixed schedule I do not like for her to drive to Atlanta on her own so I take and Meet her upon arrival This app has never let me down including any updates to the flights

Does not work since iOS 11. Terrible waste of money.

Notifications are on yet the app doesn’t provide any updates or alerts at all. Deleted and reinstalled. Still zip. Zero. Nada. Look elsewhere Update Return flights even worse. Still zero notifications, but now the flight details are not even updated. Flights regularly shows still in the air after flight has landed for 20 minutes. Departure times changes not reflected either. Just sadly useless and may well cost you kissing your flight or connection.

HORRIBLE paid version was better

Not sure why they decided to upgrade this app and then turn into a paid version. The prior version was much better. This version has awful navigation and less intuitive design to easily search a flight. There are much better apps out there.

Do not waste your money on this app

After the makeover a year or so back it no longer syncs with icloud and cannot sync to calendar anymore either. The iPad version is working perfectly though, so I am just hoping they are not doing the same makeover on that version as well. An app that used to be good is now worthless for me.


I have used this app for years. It is now totally unreadable. Moving on.

Great App

Would like more active notifications and Apple Watch app.


I liked it before you change the program it was easier to use before but I still like it thank you


Very useful app! Thanks


Don’t understand how because the developer doesn’t update the app I have to pay a second time for the app and still don’t see why I don’t get refunded

The app doesn’t remember more than one flight

As soon as you search for the connecting flight, the first flight will disappear from the My Flights screen :-(

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